Privacy Policy


Your data is safe with us.

Rest assured that all of the data you give us, such as credit card information and your residential address, is completely safe. We never share any of your information with third parties, other the information required by our shipping providers. 

We'll never us your data for anything you didn't explicitly agree to. 

When you give us data such as your email address, we will never use it for anything other than fulfilling your order or responding to your queries. Once this is complete, we won't ever use your email to contact you again. We hate it when we order things online and get inundated with unsolicited spam, so you'll never see any emails from us about new products or special offers - unless that's the sort of thing you'd want, of course. If you'd like to be notified when products go on sale, or when new designs come out, you can subscribe to our mailing list. It's not the sort of mailing list from which you get an email every week - we only let you know about important things when we have something to share, and we stay quiet the rest of the time.