Leather Bound Classics

Leather Bound Classics

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Classic works of literature, elegantly bound in naturally tanned full grain leather. The leather covers feature the title and author, which is manually inscribed by hand, on both the front and spine of the book. The leather is dyed by hand, giving it a beautifully warm, rustic feel, and allows the inscriptions to stand out. The leather is oiled for softness and water resistance, and the edges are rounded for a soft, comfortable finish.

Inside, the stories are printed on thick, high quality cartridge paper, which is individually folded by hand before being arranged into small booklets. These booklets are then sewn together with durable thread to create the larger book which is finally attached to the leather cover.

We can create most books in the public domain, so if your favourite classic isn’t already listed in the options, contact us to see if we can make it for you.

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