Wraparound Journal - Large

Wraparound Journal - Large

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The perfect blend of rustic charm and simple elegance. This journal is handcrafted from naturally tanned full-grain leather, which will continue to tan and form a beautifully unique patina with age. All of the edges of the leather are burnished by hand, creating a rounded profile which is comfortable to hold. The leather is treated with oil, which softens the cover and increases its natural water-resistant qualities. A kangaroo leather string wraps around the book twice before being tucked under itself, securing the book and allowing you to fasten a pen to it if you desire. Inside, the pages are individually folded by hand, before being arranged into smaller booklets. These are then expertly sewn together by hand, creating a very durable book. 

The leather is dyed by hand, allowing us to craft it in several different colours. The cover is available in whiskey, brown, mahogany, dark brown, black, blue, or can be left in its natural colour. All colours will continue to tan and darken as the book is exposed to light and skin contact, but this will be most pronounced with the natural leather, which forms a wonderfully unique pattern that tells the story of its use. We also offer free inscriptions of initials - just include your initials as a note when ordering, as well as which colour you would prefer. 

We offer a range of different high-quality paper to suit a wide range of applications. The pages are individually folded and arranged into small booklets called signatures. These are then stitched together to create the larger book. The number of pages in a signature varies according to the thickness of the paper, so below the different paper options are listed along with the number of pages in their respective signatures. 

Cartridge paper, 110gsm. 20 pages per signature.
Kraft (brown) paper, 110gsm. 20 pages per signature.
Black paper, 140gsm. 20 pages per signature.
Drawing paper, 225 gsm. 16 pages per signature.
Canvas paper, 290 gsm. 12 pages per signature.
Watercolour paper, 300 gsm. 12 pages per signature.

Cartridge paper and Kraft paper are available blank or lined, or with grids or dot matrices. Extra options will pop up when you click ‘add to cart’ which will allow you to select these options, as well as the colour of the journal and the option to add initials.

Dimensions: roughly 30x21cm, or 12x8.5” (A4)

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